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Pallas IPA Program

The "Intergovernmental Personnel Act Mobility Program" facilitates the temporary assignment of Pallas Foundation employees to federal government roles. As the Pallas Foundation, we extend this opportunity to interested agencies, augmenting the agency with the vetted skillsets of our young professionals and their connection to a high level national security network.

What We Do and How We Can Help

The Pallas Foundation is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of national security leaders. Through various programs, notably our fellowship initiative, we train young professionals in leadership, national security, and emerging technologies. This enables us to access a talented pool of young professionals that are passionate about pursuing national security careers.

As an approved partner with the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA), we have the authority to position these young professionals in full-time federal government roles. We are actively seeking government partners to expand upon our successful pilot program–our placement of an IPA, Jessica Krosnowski, as Deputy Director of the CDAO CAG.

The Pallas Foundation successfully placed an IPA, Jessica Krowsnowski, into the CDAO CAG



Pallas has a pipeline of talent that can help fill expertise and skills gaps in your organization. Individuals coming from Pallas will bring to your organization a deep understanding on topics and skill sets including: strategic planning, campaign management, proficient writing (op-eds, speeches, briefs), extensive research capabilities, and a strong network in national security, including Congress members, media personalities, and current/former government officials.

Cost Effective

The Pallas IPA program allows organizations to bring in temporary talent from other organizations, avoiding the expenses associated with hiring new employees and doesn’t count towards employee hiring limits. This approach is financially efficient, as it circumvents the need to provide government benefits. Additionally, the program's funding comes from a separate source, providing agencies with flexibility in managing their budgets. 


Senior Leader, Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office

"The Pallas Foundation IPA came with a great skill set. They brought a level of strategic thinking, writing, and planning that was immensely helpful for our team. The reach back to their team and DoD influencers is also a huge benefit.”

Contact Us

If you work for a federal government agency that is currently seeking strategically minded talent with a diverse skill set, please reach out to 

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