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Fellowship Program

Pallas Foundation is proud to have created the Pallas Fellowship Program to support the education and professional development of emerging leaders from traditionally underrepresented groups in national security. Fellows participate in a paid program where they assist in the day-to-day operations of the firm, provide tailored research, and develop products for clients, all while being immersed in and engaging with the national security and policymaking communities in Washington, DC.


Throughout the program, Fellows have many opportunities to interact with senior officials and officers across the Department of Defense, State Department, National Security Council, Intelligence Community, and other government agencies and offices. They also gain exposure to the broader national security ecosystem and its impact by working with leading technology companies, venture capital firms, and non-profit institutions. Additionally, the Fellows take part in a series of leadership development curriculum throughout the program.

Interested in becoming a Pallas Foundation Fellow? More details can be found here.

Meet the Fellows
Maleiha Ali

Maleiha recently graduated from George Washington University with a Master’s degree in Public Policy, concentrating on National Security and Foreign Policy. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and Modern Standard Arabic from Rutgers University. Maleiha has experience working within the Department of Defense, including contracting for the National Guard under the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) and working for the Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA), focusing on export controls of defense technology. She is eager to explore opportunities in the private sector within the defense field. Maleiha’s interests lie in intelligence and defense analysis.
Alejandro Castro

Alejandro is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in International Studies at Vassar College. He has experience in research and data analysis with the Department of State and has previously served in the United States Air Force as an Avionics Technician for 6 years. At Pallas, Alejandro is excited to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between emerging technology and national security. He is passionate about conducting research on current events in Latin America and actively engaging with communities to offer assistance in any way he can.
Max Haseman

Max is a recent graduate of Georgetown University, where he earned his B.S. in International Politics with a concentration in Security Studies and a minor in Russian. He brings experience in wargaming and international development to Pallas. At Pallas, Max is eager to expand his knowledge of defense acquisition and explore applications for artificial intelligence in the national security sector. He is passionate about the potential for emerging technologies to reduce uncertainty and strengthen global stability. 
Kallysta Jones

Kallysta is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology where she obtained her Master’s degree in International Affairs, Science, & Technology. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs with minors in Spanish, English, and Diplomacy from [TAG]Mercer University. Following her undergraduate studies, Kallysta was selected as a [TAG]Fulbright Scholar and spent a year living and working in the Republic of Cyprus. With a background in policy, open-source research, data analysis, and modeling and simulations, Kallysta is excited to explore how she can leverage her experience at the intersection of the technology and national security sectors. During her time at Pallas, she looks forward to honing her strategic advising skills, learning more about the technologies shaping national security, and gaining a better understanding of venture capital. Kallysta is particularly interested in sustainability, space policy, and private-public cooperation.
Sophie Wagner

Sophie is a rising senior at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Politics with a concentration in Foreign Policy and Policy Processes and a minor in Spanish. She has political experience from working on previous congressional and presidential campaigns, which has honed her skills in policy analysis and strategy. Sophie is excited to join the Pallas team and looks forward to deepening her knowledge of the national security sector, exploring its connection with emerging technologies, and leveraging these experiences to enhance her political background.   
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